“I really appreciate the pragmatic approach and believe that the Volvo Group can become even better by using its content.”
CEO Volvo Group

Marianne Hamilton and Annika Berglund got to know each other at the Atlas Copco Group where we were members of the executive management team for many years. Marianne was responsible for Human Resources and Organizational Development, Annika for Corporate Communications and Governmental Affairs.


Now we have teamed up and combined our knowledge and experiences in a common vision: contributing to a better and broader pipeline of managers to the business, keeping businesses sharp. A broad and huge task, but why not?! It’s fun!

Marianne’s books Advice to My Dear Daughter and An Organizational Philosophy are our ‘tools’ to drive change. They are distributed by our fully owned joint venture company that we founded in 2019.

We hope the books will be widely read and the content used!

If you have questions about buying or distributing the books, or if we can help you with a related issue, please fill out the below form. (We are NOT providing consultancy services.)


Advice to My Dear Daughter AB
Floragatan 14
SE-114 31 Stockholm, Sweden
Company registration number 559229-9723. VAT number SE559229972301.
BANK Handelsbanken
IBAN       SE84 6000 0000 0002 9560 1582

Besides our joint venture company Advice to My Dear Daughter AB, Marianne is the founder and owner of publishing company Ek och Bok AB. Annika is the owner and founder of Six Months Only AB.

Julia Proos designed and built this website and copy-edited the texts. Nanna Hamilton made the artwork for the books. The photos of Marianne Hamilton and Annika Berglund were taken by Kurt Liefsoons.