“Our executives around the world – most of them men – have read and greatly value the book. It increased their understanding of the particular challenges faced by women and enables them to better coach their employees.”
CEO Epiroc

Business as the core driver

To produce the book Advice to My Dear Daughter we needed support. We asked companies that we admire, and that we know are serious in their diversity and inclusiveness work if they wanted to partner with us. We ensured that we could offer a good tool that would serve as a complement to goals, processes and programs already in place in their companies.

We are very grateful to ABB, Electrolux, Epiroc, Volvo in particular for trusting in the book as a tool for change. Their drive, commitment and outreach – it’s unbeatable. Thanks to you and your networks we will be providing advice to professionals in 190 countries.

Aside from our main partners, we have also had great support from many leading industrialists: board members, CEOs, members of management, as well as from women on the journey toward top positions.


“In the book, Marianne brings up common questions and gives tangible and concrete advice. Some things may seem obvious, but it’s still useful to hear it from a woman who’s made the trip up the corporate ladder.”
Head of Investor Relations Epiroc

Marianne shares common questions faced by women in their careers and supplies concrete tips. In her own career, Marianne dared to grab a seat at the table in a male-dominated environment. She worked hard to enable individuals to find their own way in the organization. Through her role in the management team, she helped create an organizational culture that applauds employees who actively take control of their careers. It is certainly necessary to have some confidence in the abilities of each individual, above all of women, to find their own way. At the same time, it requires that you know what you want. Do you really know what you want?
Personally, I have always enjoyed working and have a high level of ambition. Starting my career in banking in Germany, I imagined a fast, straight path up the corporate ladder. After several years at Atlas Copco, considered by many as Sweden’s nursery school for successful managers, I realized that the recipe for success is another. We are all responsible for our own journey. Marianne succeeded in creating this culture at Atlas Copco.
When I got pregnant and applied for a job as Head of Investor Relations at Epiroc (until 2018 part of Atlas Copco), I was received with open arms. It was a pleasant surprise. It shows that the culture is adhered to, it’s not just words. I’m grateful to Marianne for helping to make this happen!

“Pragmatic advice on value creation are given in the book, equally valuable for me and for my daughter.”
Digital Manager, Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique Service and Industrial Vacuum divisions

The book offers fantastic advice drawing from Marianne’s own experience. It is valuable to anyone who is interested in delivering business value, increasing their awareness of personal choices and taking responsibility for their professional development.
I started my career in Atlas Copco 21 years ago, as a youngster in the service department of a small Customer center in Serbia. Over the last 16 years I have lived in 4 different countries and held a number of positions in various functional areas and parts of the organization – moving from the customer center to corporate, on to a business area and then a division. Coming from a small country, I did not imagine that I had such a journey ahead of me. I feel fortunate that I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from so many great people. I’ve had great mentors. I’ve also been lucky to be part of fantastic teams, constantly exeucting and implementing fun projects that deliver value in a sustainable way.
The chapters in the book are very pragmatic and to the point – and so much is recognizable in my day-to-day personal and professional life. Marianne provides explanations as well as advice for many situations I have encountered but never understood. The book motivates you to take your professional growth and your career in your own hands.
When I started reading the book I was first thinking about the journey that my daughter, who is currently a bachelor student in International Business, will have in her career. But after reading the first chapter I realized that the advice given applies to me too.

”The book provides good tools and an attitude of individual responsibility that I really believe in.”
General Manager of Berema
(part of Atlas Copco in Norway)

A background as a Risk Consultant and Risk Manager is perhaps not the usual recipe for climbing the corporate ladder in the traditional industrial world. Add the fact that I’m a woman. A short one at that. However, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of not being like the others, I learned how to leverage these things as my unique selling points.
I had traveled the world assessing risks spanning from sawmills in northern Russia to telecom base-stations in Ghana, and mechanical workshops in difficult areas in Mexico. In stark contrast, I also moderated risk mapping sessions with Divisional Management teams throughout the Atlas Copco Group. I realized that I was good at many things: both at taking in, processing and analyzing volumes of information, and also at connecting with people on all levels.
When Ronnie Leten, the former CEO of Atlas Copco, said to me, “Sara, you have great potential, but you need to learn the core business” this was an eyeopener. I had been so focused to develop within my area of expertise that I hadn’t even considered alternative career paths. The trust that came with the CEO’s encouragement paired with the connections that I had built put me in a position to shape my own career.
I immediately looked at the internal job market and applied to different positions where I felt I could add value – taking a big step out of my comfort zone. Within a few months I had moved to the US to start my new job as Supply Chain Manager at a factory in Garland, Texas, where the largest drill rigs in the world are built. And after two years in Texas, I am now the General Manager of one of Atlas Copco’s sales companies in Norway.

Julia Proos designed and built this website and copy-edited the texts. Nanna Hamilton made the artwork for the book. The photo of Marianne Hamilton was taken by Jenny Hammar.