An Organizational Philosophy

“With her innovative thinking and strong faith in the individual, Marianne Hamilton changed the view on managerial recruitment in a way that broke new ground.”
Chairman of Ericsson
, CEO of Atlas Copco 2009-2017


An Organizational Philosophy is a case study on how an internal global job market with its clear principles and guidelines ensured a decentralized culture and continual organizational development, supported by employees’ individual drive.

In the book, Marianne Hamilton describes the journey taken by the Atlas Copco Group, where an internal global job market grew from an idea into one of the company’s most important success factors, leading to high job mobility and sustained organizational development.


According to the internal global job market concept, all open positions are advertised internally before they are advertised externally. This gives employees the opportunity to pursue a career path at the company wherever they are in the world. The concept is based on the individual’s own drive to take chances and take advantage of the opportunities available.

At Atlas Copco, “never recruit for the same position as before” became a mantra and one of the ten principles of the internal global job market.


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