Meet Marianne

“Marianne Hamilton draws a wonderful map that you can use to navigate – and succeed – in the business world”
CEO and co-founder of Melexis

Today there’s nothing preventing women from going all the way professionally. The obstacle many women frequently face is inside themselves. Their self-image mirrors what they see in society and within the companies they work for.

I believe in people’s inherent strengths: individuals make it happen. It’s a woman’s own drive and motivation that will enable her to reach a position where she has can truly make a difference, creating lasting results that benefit the company and the community.

Having an organization with smoothly functioning processes and clearly defined accountabilities definitely helps, but at the end of the day it is your own determination and competence that will take you to the top.

My dear daughter, certainly there are obstacles, but your focus should be on the possibilities. The book Advice to My Dear Daughter contains 46 pieces of advice. Take them to heart and be the change!

Marianne Hamilton has extensive business experience. She was Atlas Copco’s Senior Vice President, Organizational Development and Management Resources, for sixteen years,  and she has also been on multiple boards. Her ground-breaking introduction of an internal global job market at Atlas Copco, allowing employees to apply to all open positions, spurred a unique opportunity to improve the organization and strengthen the corporate culture. The internal job market model has subsequently been copied by several other world-leading companies.

In Advice to My Dear Daughter, Marianne Hamilton gives advice, in her own way, to help you reach top executive positions – if that is what you want. Her advice draws on her own experience and observations, as well as on conversations with her mentees (both women and men) from the Swedish business world. Marianne believes in the power of the individual. Her thoughts and ideas provide pragmatic, down-to-earth advice that help you take charge of your career and thrive.

Advice to my dear daughter is Marianne’s fifth book. See for information about her previous books (available in Swedish only).